Have you been looking for a way to remotely control and manage your MediaTemple hosting? Our (mt) Server Monitor app allows you to do just that!


Download on the Android Market

Free vs. PRO

The PRO version offers everything in the Free version, plus the ability to monitor your (mt) Media Temple services and notify you in the case of a service warning.

Logging in

The easiest way to log in is to grab your key from MediaTemple's ProDev API page. Copy and paste a key into the box below. We use Google's chart tools to generate a QR code that you can scan within the app.


The first version of (mt) Server Monitor was created when Media Temple opened the doors to their API Beta program in November 2010. After a few months of development efforts, the app was mostly complete. However, a surprise hard drive crash and no backup killed all motivation to complete the work. Over a year later, the app has be rebuilt from the ground up. It comes in two flavors: Free and PRO. The Free version is hardly limited, but the PRO version gives users the added benefit of being able receive service warnings thanks to a background service that peiodically checks for issues.